Face-To-Face By Hala Ajam

I  studied the art of makeup in Beirut and Hollywood which left a mark in my distinctive style, an inimitable Lebanese‐ American mélange.

With my specialization in makeup for photography, TV and movies, I Worked in a fashion photography studio in Los Angeles, California, prior To moving back To Beirut.

Hala Ajam

Hala Ajam

Face-To-Face With Latifa.

I have have published a make up Book FACE‐TO‐FACE And donated part of the royalties to a campaign against breast cancer.


Hala Ajam

Hala Ajam

A Still Picture from the Signing of Face-To-Face.

The event was the first to happen after the 2006 Lebanese war.


Hala Ajam

Hala Ajam

Me Signing the Book !

I have a lot of Still pictures that you can easily find on my facebook fan page.

Many celebrities were invited to the event.


Hala Ajam

My introductory page in Face-to-Face:

“Finding a cure for breast cancer is everyone’s concern.

The are few of us who have not been affected, either directly or indirectly through our loved

fears, the sadness and the challenges one encounters with breast cancer.



I especially dedicate this book to a woman who, in my opinion, is the symbol of beauty, elegance & glamour- Laila Ajam.”



Hala Ajam & Laila Ajam

Hala Ajam & Laila Ajam



Laila Ajam

Laila Ajam

Laila Ajam & Nour Ajam Al Sabbah

Laila Ajam & Nour Ajam Al Sabbah


You can as well order the book online or buy it from Virgin Beirut.



Face-To-Face is around 300 pages and discusses:

Makeup Basics

Artistic Makeup


Makeup Styles

Live your Life in Colors

Top Models


Looks of the Century

Changing Moods


I have a short interview where I discuss the book:



Hope this Blog was useful!

You can Find me on facebook, twitter & youtube.


Hala Ajam.



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