The 40 Lebanese who made the Capital great.

TimeOut Magazine has included Hala Ajam among the 40 Lebanese who made the Capital great.

This is the Interview with Hala Ajam:

Hala Ajam was chosen The hand behind the pretty faces in everything from the neighbours wedding to Elie Saab fashion shows.

What’s your favourite place in Beirut?

You’re serious? (laughs)
It’s the only place I can hang out and meet new people. There’s no music there! I can talk.

Beirut is…
Glamorous; it’s a pilgrimage for all the fun people.

Quick, who’s the most interesting person you’ve made up?
Queen Rania. The sweetest person on earth, it was shocking really, she was very humble. Unbelievable. Claudia Schiffer was a shock as well, my first ever famous person. I was shaking on the inside, but I didn’t show her. She was very interesting and smart.

If only I could believe you…
She was. She asked about the country, religion, intercultural life… We had a beautiful conversation. Intelligence and the Fashion industry aren’t mutually exclusive you know.

Speaking of which, do you feel fashion is an unnecessary luxury?
Luxury? Maybe. But unnecessary? People come from all over the Middle East, they come here for the designers, makeup artist and hairdressers. They’re here to see us, and they invest money here. And it may be a luxury, but it’s for everybody.

Why here though?
You know, people believe in our taste, they believe that our opinions are unsurpassed. So even if we have wars, when the politicians shake hands we’ll have a million visitors the next day. Why here? For the pleasure glamour, good taste, good service, beauty tips … and beauty surgeons! All that lifting and stuffing.

The stuffing doesn’t agree with you?
I’m not much into Botox and motox and whatnot. They don’t know when to stop sometimes, and some doctors don’t care to stop. If you ask for something that looks bad, a doctor might do it anyway. That’s just wrong, and the surgeons aren’t giving good advice. Some of these people end up looking like zombies, and they just don’t care.

Even zombies can wear makeup. So is it fun?
The makeup? The most fun I can have in my life. If by any chance I have a half day off, I don’t know what to do with it; I live it and love it. And by the way I don’t get many zombies in the salon, I don’t think I’m quite what they prefer.

That conflicts with the beauty is from within motto…
But that’s why you have different kinds of people. Some want to look like Haifa wehbe, Nancy and Elissa; they’re groupies, and these people are made stars by the media, and this is nice. But what I want to say is when you look at yourself in the mirror you have to love yourself as you are. No one is ugly, really.

I beg to differ…
No one. When you ask the right people around you about how you dress – if you don’t know – or how you hold your hair, a quick style change or a simple makeup can upgrade your looks by 50%. This isn’t about beauty as a quantity, but everyone will find someone attracted to them, so if beauty is attractiveness then no one is really ugly. The bohemian will find a bohemian lover with messy hair, messy clothes, aversion to showers…

I’ve showered, thank you very much. But aren’t you in the business of superficiality?
No, it’s just some good fun. Overdoing things thought turns it into that, and makes you look funny. Sometimes they’re pointing at you because you look funny, not good; maybe because of the complete set of designer wear you have painfully on display, or your strange eternal eyebrow trend..

Nice top…
(laughs) Very funny. Yes my sweater is a chloe but I’m not flaunting it! And these are $20 jeans you know. There’s middle ground to everything.


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