Basics: Makeup 101 -Shading & Highlighting BY HALA AJAM

Shading & Highlighting


When using foundation, it’s important to remember that its use goes for beyond covering the occasional imperfections.
Not only it can camouflage skin’s flaws, such as discoloration and blemishes but also, when use correctly, it can transform the shape of the face. It can be used to add dimension and contour to our features.

One of my specialties as a makeup artist is to manipulate the contours of the face through clever shading and highlighting.
By doing this, I create an illusion of dimension and structure, and place a greater emphasis on your best features.

To do this, there are two different shades of foundation that are needed:
1- Lighter that your skin tone.
2- Darker shade.

The lighter Tone will enhance certain features by highlighting and reflecting light from them, whilst the darker will absorb the light and create a somewhat “Sunken” effect.
For example, if you have a flat nose, shadows will length of the bridge using the darker shade.

By doing so, you will create a narrowing and defined effect.


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Another example of this contouring effect is you have a round face and wish to create more defined cheekbones, darken underneath the cheekbones area and blend downwards.

This will create the desired depth to the area giving the illusion that the cheekbone is protruding more than it is.

Shadows & Highlights


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