Basic Makeup Tutorial: Powder, by Hala Ajam

Basic Makeup Tutorial: Powder, by Hala Ajam

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There are many types of powder, but the ones listed are the ones mostly used.  It is important to know each one and its purpose.

Loose Powder will set the makeup and cover any oily or shiny areas of the face.  To apply: use a big brush to distribute the powder evenly over the face.  Gently tap the side of the brush to remove any excess powder before dusting the face. For a thicket effect use a powder puff. Choose a color that is the same as your foundation or a translucent one.

Compact Powder provides full coverage creating a velvety look.  It can be used over foundation if more coverage is necessary and is a great option for ladies who lead a fast paced life and do not have the time to apply a full face of makeup.

Bronzing Powder gives a natural glow to the skin.  When applied correctly, it can make the skin appear ‘sun-kissed.’  It is important to use sparingly as too much can give the skin an unnatural orange glow.  Men can also use this product to enhance their skin tone on special occasions. Keep an eye on the good quality ones.

Pro Tip:

 Apply your bronzer where you know the sun hits your face first when you’re naturally tanning. This way your face will look healthy and glow without looking like it’s made up.

Iridescent Powder, like gold and silver can be used to highlight certain areas of the face and body. Lightly dusting a gold-based powder on the top of cheekbones will create a beautiful luminous effect to brighten the face.  It can also be used on the collarbone, shoulder blades and arms to highlight and add sparkle. Instead of investing in this kind of powder you can easily use your eye shadows with the same colors.

Pro Tip

Use a little amount of loose powder under the eyes before applying eye shadow, as it will catch any loose specks of shadow that may fall.  When your eye makeup is complete, simply sweep away the excess powder and in doing so you will also discard any remnants that may have fallen.

By Hala Ajam.

“A Lebanese Makeup artist who worked with Local and International Celebrities”.

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Hala Ajam.


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