tips about the Concealer by Hala Ajam

A concealer acts as a highlighter, attracting light as well as reflecting it. Choosing a concealer that is too light will result in raccoon eyes if used to conceal dark circles. It can also cast an undesirable grayish tone over the skin. I advise mixing a small amount of your foundation with the concealer to get the most accurate color match. It will ensure a natural look by blending seamlessly with your overall skin tone and prevent any distinct contrast in color, tone or texture

Types of concealer:

  1. Liquid concealer: is best suited for light coverage and used on delicate areas of the face. It’s good for older people as it helps hide fine lines.
  2. Stick concealer : can provide good coverage. It should be used sparingly and applied with a brush through small strokes, building up the coverage in the layers. It can be used to coverage in thin layers. It can be used to cover tiny scars, blemishes and veins. It is best used in theatres and TV as the light can take away its thickness.
  3. Camouflage:offers a range of colors and has a thick and creamy texture. It is designed to cover larger scars and birth marks, or undesired tattoos. This product is found in professional makeup stores and in different colors.

AS with any product applied to enhance the face, it is important to remember that less is more. In fact too much foundation or concealer can make the face appear older and unnatural, especially when it has not been applied or blended with care. As I always say, “it is not the product but the way it is applied”

Sophia Al Marikh Make up by Hala Ajam

Sophia Al Marikh Make up by Hala Ajam


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