Foundation creates a base for the rest f your makeup. Choosing the right color is very important and fortunately very simple to do. Apply a line of foundation from your cheek to your jaw line in front of the mirror. Take a step back to see if it blends well with your natural skin tone and color. If so, you have found the correct shade and if you see it then it’s not for you, so try again! More important is to try it in the natural day light, for the artificial lighting in the stores modifies the true color.

It is also important to remember that, like your wardrobe, makeup is seasonal too. You should not use the same foundation in the winter as in the summer. A healthy tanned skin deserves more of a golden hued foundation and will look for more natural, not to mention flattering, than the chalky look that occurs when a paler, winter shade of foundation is applied over a tan.

As with concealer, foundation can also smooth out skin discoloration. A light tinted moisturizer can offer enough coverage if you are lucky to have perfect skin.

Pro tip:

Apply a primer to your face before foundation to make your skin look smooth. It will help create a clear look.

Types of foundation

The foundation to use depends on certain factors, including personal choice, and the look you wish to show. There are different types of foundations but the ones listed are the ones in use. Each creates a different look, and should be used according to skin type, or the final desired look, and should be used according to skin type, or the final desired look.

  1. Cream Base Foundations: are best used when looking for total coverage and a very polished finished look. As it is the heaviest of foundations, it can cover small scars, broken blood vessels and veins.
  2. Liquid foundations: offer medium range cover and are overall, a very good weight for day to day use. It is important to learn how to blend well, as natural daylight can be far harsher than the indoor light we might normally use to apply our makeup in. it will be far more telling of any flaws in application. Be sure to use your fingers to blend all the way beneath the jawbone, up to the hair line.
  3. Water proof liquid foundation and sheer foundation: are the easiest to apply and blend. They offer light, translucent coverage that will enhance the skin’s natural glow.

M y favorite trick is to mix a cream foundation with moisturizer, keeping the coverage, but lightening the texture.

Pro tip:

To avoid shine, blot the skin with a tissue for a few seconds to allow it to flit any excess oil or sweat from the skin. This will leave the skin with a lovely matte finish.

Haifa makeup by Hala Ajam

Haifa makeup by Hala Ajam


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2 thoughts on “Foundation

  1. Thank you so much for showing me your blog. I never thought of summer color and winter color and have been using the same foundation year round! I will change it asap to match my tan and I think it will give me a more polished look! Thanks again!

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