The Ugly Truth By Hala Ajam (English Version)


The Reality Is

Nothing IS real. We live in a fake society; the faces, the attitudes, the way people behave… it’s all fake. What’s going on? Why are people changing for the worst? They are changing their looks, the way they live, and the way they raise their children.

It’s all about being fake and this includes fake emotions. No one really shows how they feel. It’s all about making a good impression in their society.
I am going to tell you how some women in this society think. It’s all about, “What I should do next to my face?” or “I don’t want anyone to look like me!”, “I want to look like a monster.”, “Let’s start with Botox. Wow! It looks great!”, “I will do a little filling in my lips. It’s sexy. YES, I like it! Oh, I think I need more but maybe this time, I will do some filling to my lines which were caused by smiling too much. Yeah, I will do that! But how about some tattoo filling on my lips and eyebrow too? Let’s do the eyebrows up like a devil and the cheeks fuller so I won’t look old, but it’s ok if my eyes will be in a hole, because more fat will be added later to fix the mess caused by the cheeks.” But, oh my God! It didn’t work!! “Perhaps I should remove the fat from my cheeks so people can see that I have eyes?” Oh no! Another mistake? The doctor could not fix that, so now my cheeks are not even! What should I do? “I know, I will take the attention away from my face and do the other cheeks down there! Yes! I will pull it up and do a cheek lift, and now I look like Hind Rostom in the 50’s!” GREAT! Now, let’s go back to my face. What should I do next?” Let’s make a check list:

• Eye brows up – good
• Full cheeks- good
• Full lips_ great
Hollywood smile _WOW
• Oops I forgot the lenses:blue, gray, honey, green … whatever I can get
• Oh, extensions for my lashes and my hair.
• Totally forgot about laser. Got to do all the body and the face.
• Wow, I look great I don’t have any expression in my face but I do have beautiful eyebrows from hell

Sorry… can’t take it anymore.

Join me:



Hala Ajam.


2 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth By Hala Ajam (English Version)

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