Eyebrows by Hala Ajam


The problem with following trends when it comes to shaping our brows is that trends change overnight. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the re grown of your eyebrows.

Over plucking can result is an unnatural shape severe arch, which can add years to once appearance. Also it is not always guaranteed that all the plucked hairs with grow back. Therefore, to avoid any disappointment or disaster, simply follow the natural shape and arch of your brows, plucking only to tidy, remove stray hairs and accentuate your natural arch.

The brow should be at its thickest above the inner corner of the eye and gradually taper out towards the outer corner. As grooming can also encourage hair to grow back faster and thicker it is always good to think before you pluck. The same can be said about bleaching the brows, which is normally required for models to create a specific look, but generally not necessary beyond the pages of a magazine. At the end of the day, I advise keeping them as natural as possible and enjoy for now having one less thing to groom, and to avoid labeling yourself to a certain age group.


Tip pro:

Avoid over plucking your eyebrows. With time and over plucking the hair will stop growing. Keep them as natural as you can to keep your eyebrows looking natural.


makeup by Hala Ajam

makeup by Hala Ajam


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