Eyelashes by Hala Ajam

Fashion shoots aside where I have used everything from feathers to broomsticks to create effects, everyday life requires practicality. Lashes with volume always look best, and if you are not naturally blessed, then individually placed artificial lashes give the most natural appearance, especially in between existing lashes. This will add volume without looking artificial.

Pro tip

Knowing how to apply mascara is important. When applied incorrectly the outcome can be very unflattering, as the lashes can look clumpy and dry. Apply mascara from the bottom of your eyelashes upwards to the ends with single strokes. To create a rich look, gently move the brush from side to side as you apply to be sure that the inner lashes are also coated. Do the same on the other eye before reapplying. It is best for mascara to dry first before reapplying a second coat in order to create more volume. In addition, avoid applying mascara to your bottom lashes if you have dark circles. It will only bring more attention to them.

by Aden makeup by Hala Ajam

by Aden makeup by Hala Ajam


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