The Classical Bride by Hala Ajam

The Classical Bride by Hala Ajam

Simplicity is the key word for the classical bride look. she has remained true to her look, although she will play up certain features on her wedding day, especially emphasizing on her eyes. she never strays too far from her natural look using light shades of lip color. her simple look will be expressed in her choice of simple lines for her dress and in the earth tones of her makeup.


Evening wedding requires a little stronger makeup than day wedding. in the day light you should use lighter and fresher colors. when the wedding is celebrated indoor or at night, you need to use stronger makeup like smoky eyes. A bride must keep in mind that, years after her wedding, when looking at her pictures, she must still like herself in the look she chose.


Makeup by Hala Ajam

Makeup by Hala Ajam


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Hala Ajam.


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