The dramatic bride by Hala Ajam

The dramatic bride by Hala Ajam

Elaborate and daring can describe this bride. she is very trendy and follows what’s new and different. she will transform herself using vivid and bold colors, opting for dark eye shadows for a sexy look resembling her favorite Diva. her dress, as her makeup, will be dramatic and fanciful, and will no doubt make a statement.


Pro Tip:

I have learnt from my professional experience, that it is always better to decide how strong you want your makeup to be. Bring to your makeup artist pictures of you with makeup done before to show her what is strong and natural for you.

Once, i had a client who wanted strong makeup and I went for a black smoky look. when i finished she looked at the mirror and said: “OH! it’s so natural” actually that client was a singer. By doing so, the bride avoids any mistakes. after all, we all dont have the same taste of perception of colors and shades.


Makeup by Hala Ajam

Makeup by Hala Ajam


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Hala Ajam.


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