Pencil eyeliner by the Lebanese makeup artist Hala Ajam

It creates a soft effectand comes in a range of different colors. Using a pencil very close to the lash is one of the easiest ways to apply it. The lines do not have to be perfect as they can me smudged after with a brush or sponge and then covered with a shadow of the same color to add intensity. This also creates the illusion of thicker and fuller eyelashes.

To ensure that the line applied inside your eyes will smudge later, use a thin line of shadow under the lower lash line to keep it from running. For a natural look, use a light neutral shade of shadow in beige or taupe. To ceate a smokey look, gradually builed up the color using black shadow until the desired intensity is achieved. the overall effect will be a smoldering look that suits all eyes. Additionally, for a more natural look, but with similar effect , opt for lighter shades in grays or browns.


this text was from taken from Hala Ajam’s makeup book Face to face

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Hala Ajam.


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