Working with celebrities

Nothing brings greater recognition to a professional, be it a fashion designer, a hairdresser or a makeup artist, than celebrity’s endorsement. Throughout my career, my skills and creative talent have been called upon and put to the test by working with singers and celebrities. The challenge for me is to create a different look for a CD cover, video clip, or performance for the artist. I am always ready to push the boundaries, and create fresh and innovative images.

Hala Ajam and Elie Saab and Marie jose Hneine

Hala Ajam and Elie Saab and Marie jose Hneine

One of my greatest passions in makeup is to pick up a theme and a vision, and create a completely new and unique image. Sometimes, it is hard to convince an artist to go for a total change in their look. However, when he is surrounded by a professional team, trust plays its role and he gives up to the innovation. It is always good to try changing the look.

Hala Ajam and Claudia Shiffer

Hala Ajam and Adriana Karembeau

Hala Ajam and Nawal El Zoghbi

Hala Ajam and Assala

Hala Ajam and Assala

Hala Ajam and Shirine Abed EL Wahab

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Hala Ajam.


2 thoughts on “Working with celebrities

  1. i adore the way give the ladies them own beauty.
    my name is Aida, I am a sales and I am trying to be a make up artist :).
    I will be very proud if I will be in touch with you.
    Thanks for reading my message.

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