It’s the Holiday season! Party people makeup tips by Hala Ajam

Reveal your true spirit by expressing yourself. Light colors, nude lipstick and a little shimmer is the way to go looking natural to a part.

Tip: for a dramatic look apply blusher below your cheekbones. Applying different blusher colors to your cheeks can make you look completely different. Use pinkish shades to mimic the natural blushing look, or opt for the bronzy ones to form cheekbones. You will look different and reflect a different personality. You will be amazed how little details can change your look, from the color of the blusher to the hair style.

Tip: Dancing all night will fade your makeup away. Avoid this by always creating a base for your eyes to last all the night. Use an eye pencil of the same color as the eye shadow, before applying the latter.


this text was from taken from Hala Ajam’s makeup book Face to face


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Hala Ajam.


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