Valentine’s Makeup tutorial by Hala Ajam

Wanted to share this valentine make up style with all of you
Makeup by Arab makeup artist Hala Ajam

Makeup by Arab makeup artist Hala Ajam

1- Apply foundation all over the face
2- Apply concealer two shades lighter than your skin on your forehead and the bridge of your nose and your shin and under your eyes to highlight The face .
3- Use a darker shade of your skin tone to contour your face , the most common is to use use it  under the cheekbones and the two sides of your forehead . But it could be use for more correction, it depend on the shape of the face.
4-Loose powder all over the face to set the base.
5- Use a sheer pink blush cause it will look natural on the apple of the cheek.
6-Fill your eyebrow with a natural brow color that is close to your hair color.( if dark hair use dark brown etc).and brush it upward following the natural arch.
7-Use a light shadow like white ,beige, pale, rose, cream allover the eyelid
8- Use a medium color like caramel,reddish brown, prune  ,bronze,peach, in the crease of the eye all the way to the bridge of the nose using a big blending brush,and under the lash line and connect the upper shadow withe the lower one.
9-Place the shimmer in light color to reflect the light in the inner corner of your eyes.
10-Use a darker color like dark brown or black or purple or burgundy in the inner crease of the eye with a small blending brush but don’t go all the way this time ,stop before you get to the middle ,unless your eyes are fa r apart you can continue to blend in . Do the same under your lower lash line but closer to your lashes.
11-Apply eye kohl in black or any color that you desire inside the rim of your eyes
12- Liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line and wing it at the end a little for a little drama .
13-Apply a set of false eyelashes
14-Apply your favorite lipstick or gloss .(for red lipstick I love russian red from Mac)
Makeup by Arab makeup artist Hala Ajam

Makeup by Arab makeup artist Hala Ajam

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