Makeup tips by Hala Ajam: There is No Brown Blush!

During our recent meeting with her, celebrity beauty expert Hala Ajam asserted that there is no brown blush, unlike what many women think.

In fact, the blush (as its name indicates) serves to give more “blush” to the cheeks (a lively color). Therefore, it is available in pink for the white skin and in coral for brunettes. As for what is called brown blush, it is actually a corrector and is used on the entire face to define it and bring out its beauty after applying the foundation cream and the loose powder. In this regard, the famed makeup artist stated that this rule doesn’t only apply on the cheeks, forehead and nose, but also on the eyes which should be painted with colors that bring out the natural beauty of the eye color, instead of using matching eye shadows.

Makeup by Lebanese makeup artist Hala Ajam

 ana zahra

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Hala Ajam.


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