How to reduce wrinkles naturally

Wrinkles have always been one of women’s biggest concerns, especially those of the face. The most asked questions would have to be “How do I get rid of wrinkles?” and “Will I have wrinkles when I’m older?” Well, the answer to the last question can be “No” if you go all-natural for your face, which helps reduce wrinkles big time.

Wrinkles 1

Wrinkles 1

Wrinkles can be caused by several factors, but no matter what the factor is, the main concern is finding a solution to reduce them. Consider the following tips and try to incorporate them in your daily skin care routine, and you will have very visible results.

To reduce wrinkles, you have to:

  1.            Avoid the sun: exposure to sun rays is the number 1 cause of wrinkles throughout the years, so avoid it as much as you can.
  2.           Wear sunscreen: if you must go out in the sun, wear sunscreen.
  3.            Don’t smoke: cigarettes release an enzyme that breaks down collagen and elastin, which are two important components that keep the skin from aging.
  4.           Get your “beauty” sleep: it’s called “beauty” sleep for a reason: if you sleep for a fair 8 hours, your skin will get the rest it needs to remain tight and fresh, thus less likely to wrinkle.
  5.  Sleep on your back: sleeping in certain positions night after night leads to “sleep lines” which tend to become permanent in your body.
Wrinkles 2

Wrinkles 2

6.   Don’t squint: squinting overworks facial muscles, forming a groove beneath the skin’s surface which becomes a wrinkle.

7.   Eat more fish, soy products (soy beans, soy milk), and fruits and vegetables: proteins and vitamins found in all these foods keep the skin well nourished and young.

8.  Replace coffee with cocoa: cocoa contains high levels of two dietary flavanols (epicatechin and catechin) which protect against sun damage and help the skin look and feel smoother.

9.  Don’t over-wash your face: water washes off the natural oils found in the skin that keep it moisturized and protected against wrinkles, so be moderate!

10.  Use moisturizer: a moisturized skin definitely looks better, so lines and creases are far less noticeable.



Hala Ajam

Hala Ajam


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