Can Sun Tanning be Safe?

Everybody knows the dangers of sun exposure, but not everyone has heard of carcinoma. Carcinoma is the skin cancer caused by the regular and over exposure to sun rays. It is very dangerous and could be deadly sometimes. Tanning can be much safer  and you can avoid carcinoma when you consider the following:


Sun Awareness

Sun Awareness



Sun Blocker

Sun Blocker


A third fact is that early skincare prevents carcinoma at a young age and reduces the risks of having skin cancer when we grow older.

Finally, if you decide to “fake and bake”, keep in mind that regular tanning can cause carcinoma and can damage the skin exactly as if you were soaking up the sun because it is eventually based on artificial radiations. More importantly, if you notice any strange marks on your skin, you are advised to check with your dermatologist the soonest possible because early prevention and detection are always best.

Here’s to a fun-packed, safe summer!


Tan Bed

Tan Bed



Hala Ajam

Hala Ajam





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