Live Your Life In Colors


As most shades of blue are considered cold colors, it is not advised to use them everyday, unless working on a photo shoot or wearing the color at night. However, when applied sparingly, blue eye shadow might enhance the intensity of brown eyes.



Blue Color Makeup

Blue Color Makeup



Jade, emerald, or lime green, reflects nature in its most beautiful color. Use the soft shades for all eye colors, and the dark shades preferably for brown and hazel-colored eyes.



Green Color Makeup

Green Color Makeup



A color that is full of life, hot and sexy. I almost exclusively use it as a kip color. However, it is a good ground to draw smoky eyes, especially when used under brown, burgundy and black. The mixture is seductive.



Red Color Makeup

Red Color Makeup



A very exotic color. When used as an eye shadow, it really accentuates hazel and blue-green eyes. When used with most colors, it gives the impression of having a black eye. Nonetheless, it is very glamorous when used with gold or yellow. The lilac tone looks romantic on a bride with blue eyes, especially if she goes for a natural makeup.



Purple Color Makeup

Purple Color Makeup




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