Looks Of The Decades: 1920s And 1930s


Gone are the days od a discreet natural appearance; the daring style and androgyny replaced it. Stylish women began plucking and drawing their eyebrows. Actresses drew theirs in straight lines or going slightly down to give a certain expression for the silent movies. Dark lid eyes, made up with kohl, became the rage. The ultimate fashion accessory: the new twist tube lipstick, ideally applied in public. Bright colors such as bluish red, cranberry and orange are the most favored and ideal in creating dainty ‘bow’ shaped lips.

In the following photo, I used red-colored eye shadow on the model that becomes darker in the inner corner of the eyes, hence, blending the color with the eyebrows to give her face a sad expression. I drew her eyebrows higher and slightly down at the end to enhance the sad look.



The 1920's Look

The 1920’s Look



Thanks to Coco Chanel, who inadvertently fell asleep in the sun, the gloden suntan is born and becomes that rage of the 30’s. Pan cake makeup was created. Wispy eyelashes, high thin eyebrows and sharp lips, played a part in defining the look of this glamorous era (Greta Garbo look), as well as bold and rich colored lipsticks, bright as red and orange. Sleepy eyes were drawn by bringing the eyeshadow downwards. For a glamorous look, beads could be put on the end of the lashes.

In the following photo, I used a pale foundation and drew her eyebrows thin and high. I darkened the models eyes and reshaped them to make them look sad. I even went on to draw her lips slightly downwards on the sides to help achieve the look.



The 1930's Look

The 1930’s Look



This text was from taken from Hala Ajam’s makeup book Face to face

Hala Ajam's Book Face To Face

Hala Ajam’s Book Face To Face




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