Institute Hala Ajam- Beirut:

009613 679 636



14 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi there,

    I would love to become a professional makeup artist. I love color. How do I go about learning and becoming a brilliant makeup artist like Hala Ajam. I am from Australia, can I study in australia.

    Thankyou very much


  2. Hey,
    i would like to ask U if u do eyebrows tattoo?
    i will be coming to Lebanon tomorrow and i need a re-touch, it looks just ugly~!


  3. Hello;

    This is Nouran, I’m from Egypt and i wonder if you provide any makeup courses as i’m very inetersted to join this career and i want to go deeper and professionally in to it.
    Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

  4. هاي انا كنت عيزه اعرف انا من مصر وفرحي قرب كنت عيزه اعرف استعد ازاي لوجه صافي زمشرق قبل الفرح وكنت عيزه بردوا اعرف انا الي بحديد الميكب الي يناسب تفاصيل وشي ولالالالا الماكيررر
    ومرسي كتيرر ليكي ومستنيا ردك

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