Important Makeup Notes Before Your Big Day!

The wedding day is usually a culmination of dreams and visions collected over the years. In some cases, these images are simple and the transformation requires nothing more than a beautiful wedding dress. In other cases, they are more elaborate, with details such as hair and makeup.


Express your wishes, and how you see yourself on your wedding day. With an experienced team, working to create your look, translating your dream into reality can be made easy and far less stressful. I believe that a woman knows herself and knows what she wants. The day of her wedding is thus the moment to tell all her dreams come true.



Bride by Hala Ajam

Bride by Hala Ajam


The makeup artist should realize your dreams. Yet, you must be willing to listen to her advice to avoid drawing attention to less attractive features of your face on your wedding day. For example, if you have close-set eyes and want a smokey look, this will in fact make your eyes appear even closer and in some cases, almost cross-eyed. The makeup artist is always able to find a solution to give you the loom you want. Your aim is to look beautiful on your very special day, and the makeup artist is there to make sure you will.



Bridal Makeup by Hala Ajam

Bridal Makeup by Hala Ajam



Age, season and wedding theme, not to mention personality, should all be factored in when creating a specific look. Be sure to accentuate and cover imperfections where appropriate and highlight the areas where light naturally will hit such as the cheekbones and brow bones. This will make you look better in photos.



3D Bridal Makeup by Hala Ajam

3D Bridal Makeup by Hala Ajam




Hala Ajam's Book-Face To Face

Hala Ajam’s Book-Face To Face

This text was taken from Hala Ajam‘s Book Face-to-Face




Look Of The Decades: 1970s


Early 1970’s

Think thin individual eyelashes. they were used with white, shiny and iridescent colors of eye shadows, applied all over the eyes, and blusher applied over the cheekbone. Eyes were lined with a black pencil and then well smudged. Sometimes, earth tones like taupe were added to shade the eye lid. The same earth tone replaced the pinkish ones for the cheekbones. Lips were made thinner by using dark shade lip liners and frosty lipsticks.

However, the 70’s were also defined by a very natural ‘makeup’ free time, especially for those who consider themselves ‘hippies‘.


Late 70’s

No false eyelashes were used. The eye shadows colors became medium ones. A darker eye shadow was used in the crease, and a very light one was applied under the eyebrows. White or blue eye pencil was used inside the eye, coupled with a lip gloss and a darker than the skin lip liner. White was applied under the eyes, and women wear thin eyebrows. Moreover, light creamy iridescent powders were used over the middle of the face, in a trio cheekbones colors.

In the following photo, I used a white frost eye shadow on the model. I lined the eyes with black eyeliner and added eyelashes on both upper and lower lids. I applied a white eye pencil inside the eye and extended it outwards in the inner and outer corner. I drew the lips with a darker lip liner than the lipstick, generally used in the nude color makeup.



1970's Look

1970’s Look



Hala Ajam's Book-Face To Face

Hala Ajam’s Book-Face To Face

This text was from taken from Hala Ajam’s makeup book Face to face

Look Of The Decades: 1960s

Cleopatra and ‘Swinging London’ set the stage for fashion and beauty. ‘Cleopatra Eyes’ became the daring trend for some, using a kohl pencil to dramatically line, extending beyond the eye. Others were taken with the signature look of Twiggy, the first real supermodel and the epitome of swinging London. Emphasis on the eyes area remains, and false eyelashes became a necessity. They were uesd, sometimes colored or shiny with crystals, on both the upper and lower lids. It was not uncommon, and the look was seen in magazines. Face painting, like drawing a flower or a heart, was also trendy. Light colors blusher, like peach or pink, were used to underline the high cheekbones, and shiny frosted color brusher over the apple of the cheek. The fashion lipstick colors were pale frosted colors like peach or pink, or sometimes white, when going to a party.

In the following photo, I used a light blue eye shadow on the model to match the color of her eyes and false eyelashes on the upper and lower lids to open the eye wider. I even drew a blue flower on her cheek and applied a natural pink gloss in addition to a lot of mascara.







This text was from taken from Hala Ajam’s makeup book Face to face