Makeup Looks: Innocent Vs. Dramatic

There are several makeup looks that bring out the beauty of a woman’s face, and she can choose the look depending on her mood, style or the occasion. In this blog, we shed the light on the innocent and the dramatic makeup looks.

You can go either way looking extra special, by adding just a few details to your makeup, or you can apply a little makeup on and still look ready for a night out.

However, if you prefer the stronger look, accentuate your eyebrows with a pencil and further reveal the depth of your eyes through a smoky look.

Innocent makeup artist by Arab makeup artist Hala Ajam

Innocent makeup by Arab makeup artist Hala Ajam

innocent makeup by Hala Ajam

makeup by Arab makeup artist Hala Ajam

Tip 1: to let your lips look attractive all night long, fill your lips with a lip liner then apply your favorite lip color or lip gloss over it.

dramatic makeup by Hala Ajam

dramatic makeup by Arab makeup artist Hala Ajam

Tip 2: applying dark eye shadow to your crease will help give depth to your eyes.

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