The Do’s and Don’ts For A Wedding Day

  • Do not apply too much foundation on your wedding night, as it will not sit well on the skin’s surface when exposed to the heat caused by dancing and excitement.
  • To ensure makeup longevity, be sure to have a friend readily available to give you tissue or face paper to blot away any excess of facial oil or sweat throughout the night.
  • Choose the colors of your makeup that suits you and compliments your skin tone and eye color. Do not make these decisions based on the shade of your dress.



Professional Makeup by Hala Ajam

Professional Makeup by Hala Ajam


  • In general, the simpler and smaller the wedding, the more natural the makeup should be. The same can be said for a day wedding where the bright daylight will reveal heavy makeup.
  • If you and those around you are used to seeing you in the same makeup day in and day out, try something a little different. It doesn’t have to be drastic, but subtle changes can make a lot of difference.
  • Do not overboard or get carried away with too many changes and experiments. At the end of the day, you still want to look like you!
  • Stop using any medication or skin treatment before the wedding.
  • Make sure your skin is well moisturized before the wedding.



This text was from taken from Hala Ajam’s makeup book Face to face

This text was from taken from Hala Ajam’s makeup book Face to face


Looks Of The Decades: 1980’s

During this decade, many rules were broken in terms of makeup. A rainbow of makeup colors became popular throughout the 80’s, as the era of the dazzling disco was born. Colored eye shadows and liners were popular, along with glitter and iridescent powders.

Beauty is back: harder, tougher, and more glamorous than ever before. Perfectly groomed, polished, and forever youthful women portrayed in television shows like Dynasty and Dallas, captured the ‘look’ of the woman in this lavish and opulent decade. Brook Shield’s thick defined eyebrows create one of the strongest trends of the 80’s. Applied with heavily bold strokes, bright pastel eye shadows, colored mascara, fuchsia pink blusher all over the cheek, and bright matte lipstick complete the look.

In the following photo, I used a hot pink shadow and a purple color eye pencil, in addition to a lot of mascara and black pencil inside the eye. I applied dark pink blusher and bright hot pink lipstick. I filled the eyebrows with a light brown eye shadow to make them look thicker, and then I brushed it up.



1980's Look

1980’s Look



This text was from taken from Hala Ajam’s makeup book Face to face

Looks Of The Decades: 1940s and 1950s


The classic eyebrow arch becomes the fashion, paired with dark eye shadows, yet lighter than those trendy in the 30’s, thin black or brown eyeliner will smudged and blended to show no edges, and false lashes for the dramatic look. They used to add vaseline over the eye shadows, be they light or dark. A variety of dark colors are still the most popular choices for lipsticks. By the end of the 40’s, women started wearing cherry red lipstick color.


In the following photo, I used a medium brown eye shadow on the model. I accentuated the color with brown liquid eyeliner and false eyelashes. More important, I filled the eyebrows with a dark brown color, and shaped them to look full and arched. I applied a dark lipstick to suggest a dramatic look.



Look Of The 1940's

Look Of The 1940’s



From film, to fabrics, clothes and makeup: color is everywhere. The new trend was towards lighter skin, beauty marks, fuller lips, and arched eyebrows like Marilyn Monroe. Eye makeup becomes more customized according to the color of the eyes. Sometimes, the pastel colors were used. A darker color was used at the outside corner of the eye to create depth. To complement the look, black liquid eyeliner was applied; thin first, then thick, then thin again, to end the line. Demi-lash was added to give the eye a sexy and dramatic look. A lot of mascara was also used.


In the following photo, I used a white frosty eye shadow all over the eyelid accompanied by a white pencil inside the eye. I also applied a dark shadow on the side of her eyelid black eyeliner. I also resorted to demi-lashes, beauty marks on the face and to red creamy lipstick to evoke the look of Marilyn Monroe.



Look Of The 1950's

Look Of The 1950’s





This text was from taken from Hala Ajam’s makeup book Face to face

Hala Ajam's Book-Face To Face

Hala Ajam’s Book-Face To Face