Candy World vs. Exotic Makeup

Candy World

Use colors that express playfulness from childhood. The image of candy is usually a very feminine and colorful one. The following photos aim at showing it is springtime and that these are the new colors to be used. Resorting to the colors of candies help achieve the image we want, making the models look like Barbie dolls, playing like little girls or going funky with the makeup.



Candy World Makeup

Candy World Makeup



The natural world is reflected: island, water, flowers, butterflies, and tropical colors such as fuchsia come in to play. The working team creates the whole setting for such kind of photo. All can be brought to the studio: water, plants, etc. It is fun to create a unique atmosphere as it helps in producing new combinations for the same model.



Exotic Makeup

Exotic Makeup



Hala Ajam's Book-Face To Face

Hala Ajam’s Book-Face To Face

This text was taken from Hala Ajam‘s Book Face-to-Face

So, which side are you with?