Hala Ajam Bridal Revival

What could make mothers more exhilarating than to see their lovely daughters making their step down the aisle. The bride to be is about to get ready and our mission is to make her dream come true.

The wedding day is usually a culmination of dreams and visions collected over the years. In some cases, these images are simple and the transformation requires nothing more than a beautiful wedding dress. In other cases, they are more elaborate details such as hair and makeup.

Hala Ajam's Bridal Ad

Hala Ajam‘s Bridal Ad

Express your wishes, and how you see yourself on your wedding day. With an experienced team, working to create your look, translated your dream into reality can be made easy and far less stressful. I believe that a woman knows herself and knows what she wants.

The makeup artist should realize your dreams. Yet, you must be willing to listen to her advice to avoid drawing attendtion to less attractive features of your face on your wedding day. For example, if you have close-set eyes and want a smoky look, this will in fact make your eyes appear even closer and in some case, almost cross-eyed. The makeup artist is always able to find a solution to give you the look you want. Your aim is to look beauitful on your very special day, and the makeup artist is there to make sure you will.

Take a glance at some of  Hala Ajam previous work that made a huge success.

Bridal Makeup shoot

Bridal Makeup shoot

Bridal Makeup shoot

Bridal Makeup shoot

Bridal Makeup shoot

Bridal Makeup shoot

Now that we came to an end, do you see yourself in any of these selected makeup styles? If yes, then you are ready to walk down the aisle and enjoy the best day of your life. All what is left to do is to make sure that the wedding decoration and serving styles meet your interest. We are all here to make your dream come true.



Hala Ajam's Book-Face To Face

Hala Ajam’s Book-Face To Face

This text was taken from Hala Ajam’s Book Face-to-Face


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The “I Don’t Know” Bride

These brides have normally worn the same makeup for years and have no specific image in mind for their wedding day. If this is the case, it is best to rely on the knowledge and skill of a makeup artist to create a look reflective of her personality and style. do not be afraid to try something new, as it is the makeup artist job to know what looks best.


The "I Don't Know" Bride

The “I Don’t Know” Bride By Hala Ajam


One tip from a professional could be that on your trial makeup session, bring a picture of your wedding dress to show it to the makeup artist. In addition, tell your makeup artist about the wedding theme and details. It surely helps deciding together what look will fit you the best.


The "I Don't Know" Bride By Hala Ajam

The “I Don’t Know” Bride By Hala Ajam


Hala Ajam

Hala Ajam