A Flick of a Brush

During an editorial fashion shoot, everyone involved has a specific job to do. The stylist will determine the theme of the shoot and overall look; the photographer is responsible for capturing what the stylist envisions; and the hair stylist and makeup artist will collaborate to create the perfect look reflective of the fashion and theme of the shoot. This process is repeated again and again to create a sequence of differently themed shoots.

70's Look by Hala Ajam

70’s Look by Hala Ajam

The stylist may opt for a flowery, 70’s flare for one shoot, then go to the extreme of glitter and glamour for the next! The objective is one: to shed light on a new product or a specific trendy color in makeup, which doesn’t necessarily mean that women must wear the same makeup we express. Creating a variety of looks to compliment the array of clothes and themes can indeed be a challenge. I fond it helpful to have a certain look in mind, which I can build from.

Black and White Editorial Shoot by Hala Ajam

Black and White Editorial Shoot by Hala Ajam

After working for several years with the same team at Laha magazine, I have built a relationship built on trust and understanding with the stylist, Caroline Cassia. She translates the idea she has for a photo shoot into reality through bringing together all the right elements, and she totally trust me to change the models’ look from a shoot to another. The result has always been great pictures that people see every week in the same magazine for the past five years.

Editorial Shoot by Hala Ajam

Editorial Shoot by Hala Ajam

This text was taken from Hala Ajam‘s Book Face-t-Face

Hala Ajam  learned from the Makeup Academy in Hollywood; where she studied special effects make-up for photography, TV and movies, she worked with Glamour Shots, a top fashion photography studio in Los Angeles California, and then moved to Lebanon to work with esteemed establishments including Future Television and Laha, a weekly magazine in the Middle East.

Ajam has worked with international and local celebrities such as Queen RaniaClaudia SchifferHaifa WehbeNawal El-Zoghbi, and Shereen Abdul Wahhab & Many more.

You can contact Hala Ajam Via TwitterFacebook, and InstagramYouTube, and Pinterest.

You can also check Hala Ajam’s Blog.

You can always visit Hala Ajam’s website: http://www.halaajam.com/ or call at 00961 3 679 636.


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