Add Your Own Design to Your Old Handbag

London is well known for its creative designers and inventive street walk. I was walking along with a group of friends, something caught my eyes and made me turn back and look again at the trendy window display, I see a sign of the store written on it Year Zero London. As I look closer, I see Hermes handbag with a twist and yet sophisticated that made me tell my friends that I need to go inside and see what they have. I see two artists who are sales people, with a very stylish hair and many earrings. Their looks resemble the store theme and products they have.

Year Zero London-Hala Ajam

Year Zero London-Hala Ajam

I take a closer look at the Hermes handbag and I see colors all over the bag with urbane images.  I asked the sales man how much is the handbag, he says it’s for 10,000 pound then I asked him is that the real Hermes handbag or is it fake. He looked at me and said it is real for sure. Then he added, bring your own handbag then sit with the artist and tell him what you want to do with your handbag. Within two weeks or more, you can have your own special unique piece.

I found that a very interesting story to write about and share it with you all so I asked the sales man if I can take a photo of the window display and he asked the woman but she said no in French explaining that she doesn’t want anybody to take photos of the store then I asked her gently and explained to her that I will write a blog about it and then she said yes and the guy gave me the business card. It was nice of her to allow me to share this with you.  Take a glance at these handbags that are artistically made.

Hermes With Funky Design

Hermes With Funky Design

LV with cartoon design

LV With Cartoon Design

Skulls Design

Skulls Design

After I left the store, I started thinking which handbag I can bring with me next time I go back to her and make my own artistic LV!

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Val Garland MAC cosmetics MasterClass In London

London is the place where all artists meet and inspire one another. In a special Master makeup event presented by Val Garland, a group of makeup artists who are united in their passion for makeup made a huge impact on exchanging ideas and opinions in the art of makeup. Val Garland is well known for the creative sculpture art in each photo she presents. The photo itself is a piece of art.

The room was amazing and very inspiring. I met many makeup artists from all over the world, 2 from Milano, 2 from Sweden, 1 from Denmark and many more.

However, we were like 20 people, we left the hotel to the cocktail reception; it was freezing when we arrived and there was like 100 makeup artists waiting in line to get inside. We mingled at the reception with various nationalities and different background until it was a time to take a seat and let the show begin.

5 Models sat on chairs

5 Models sat on chairs

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